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Lead single "2685" is a euphoric interweaving of 1990's techno, dangerously speeding flute melodies and an artillery of drums firing like automatic weapons. Needless to say, i's unique. (THE WIRE)

Few songs feel more like being catapulted through the air at tremendous velocity. (PITCHFORK on "2685")

Yet this is the miracle of Marfox. His ability to shift time and space is unsurpassed. We knew he was one to watch in 2011, yet now it’s 2016 and I wouldn’t dare my eyes or ears away for a minute. Something important is happening. (CYCLIC DEFROST)

DJ Marfox returns to his city’s Principe Discos label with Chapa Quente, a scorching six-track affair that demonstrates just how multifaceted this music can get. But it’s his uptempo cuts like “Cobra Preta” that make Marfox such a vital artist, one whose potential has only begun to be revealed. (VINYL ME, PLEASE)

DJ Marfox: Chapa Quente

2685-2686 DJ Marfox 4'46''
Unsound DJ Marfox 3'54''
Tarraxo Everyday DJ Marfox 5'12''
Kassumbula DJ Marfox 4'37''
Cobra Preta DJ Marfox 4'29''
B 18 DJ Marfox 3'50''

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