Dj Rashad

6613 EP

Hyperdub HDB090
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The ,6613" EP from DJ Rashad's vaults will be released just over a year after his untimely passing, with all the proceeds going to his family.

Some of these songs will be familiar to anyone who saw Rashad DJ. The first are two really upbeat, rolling juke tracks; ,CCP2" has breezy worldless vocals chopped and diced over a rolling claps and kicks, and ,Cause I Know U Feel", with Gant-Man, chops a longing vocal refrain into a delirious frenzy of unexpected shapes, over pounding kicks and toms as a warm synth swells up.

The vocals recede towards the end leaving just a synth glow. ,Ya Hot", with Taso, chops and changes rhythms, dipping into half speed trap, to rolling 4/4 and into more offbeat patterns, while a hectic, bleeping melody bangs out in contrast, almost as if its tracing the pattern of dancing feet.

,Do Not Fuck" is a paranoid footwork as a virtual panic attack track, drawing fxs through a tunnel of accelerated bleeps, the only constant being a deadly serious guitar breakdown, a deep bass tone and the warning words of the title.

The energy of DJ Rashad will remain strong through his music.

Dj Rashad: 6613 EP

CCP2 (feat DJ Spinn) DJ Rashad
Cause I Know U Feel (feat Gant-Man) DJ Rashad
Ya Hot (feat Taso) DJ Rashad
Do Not Fuck (feat DJ Manny, DJ Spinn & Taso) DJ Rashad

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