Dj Rashad

Double Cup

Hyperdub HDBLP020
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London institution Hyperdub and Chicagoan footwork maestro DJ Rashad have formed a formidable partnership through releases such as ‘Rollin’ and ‘I Don’t Give A Fuck’, so it seems a natural home for Rashad’s fifth full length ‘Double Cup’. The album acts as a melting pot for bass, hip-hop, techno, acid and jungle, all clinging to a jacking footwork base. Far from a solo venture, Rashad collaborates hard across the piece, with title track dragging in DJ Spinn for a jacking concoction of driving beats and ghetto funk. UK producer Addison Groove combines on the devastating 'Acid Bit', providing a peak-time moment on what must be some of the most forward thinking and exciting electronic music around.

Dj Rashad: Double Cup

Feelin (Feat. Spinn And Taso) Dj Rashad
Show U How (Feat. Spinn) Dj Rashad
Pass That Shit (Feat. Spinn And Taso) Dj Rashad
She A Go (Feat. Spinn And Taso) Dj Rashad
Only One (Feat. Spinn And Taso) Dj Rashad
Everyday Of My Life (Feat. Dj Phil) Dj Rashad
I Dont Give A Fuck Dj Rashad
Double Cup (Feat. Spinn) Dj Rashad
Drank Kush Barz (Feat. Spinn) Dj Rashad
Reggie Dj Rashad
Acid Bit (Feat. Addison Groove) Dj Rashad
Leavin (Feat. Manny) Dj Rashad
Let U No (Feat. Spinn) Dj Rashad
I'm Too Hi (Feat. Earl) Dj Rashad

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