Muscle Trax

Opal Tapes OPAL089
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Nihilistic muscle-wasting drones and vapid acid from Funeral Fog Records leader
Jurko Haltuu and his Dod associate Benjamin Syra. A follow up from their totemic
"Nike Sweatshops" release which first caught my ear with it's absurdly minimal
and extended forms of acid techno... .

Once again Dod offer darkly humourous side-glances at patriarchal structure be
that muscle culture or rigorous, repetitive and essentially meaningless musics.
Where Nike Sweatshops considers the production line and true value of the product,
Muscle Trax make sonic the waste of matter whether loosing or gaining.
As Jurko made clear to me during the design of the tape... "More muscles on it."

Dod: Muscle Trax

PowerBar Bar Dod 6'38''
DBOL Dod 6'23''
Protein Acid Dod 6'46''
Weapon Of Muscle Mass Destruction Dod 13'50''
Drone For The Weakest Dod 5'46''

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