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Rubisco is the second full length album from Donato Epiro. Following his debut album Fiume Nero (2014), the young Italian composer has moved from the raw primordial chaos that characterised his first work to develop a reflection on how a hypothetical absence of humans and biological life could modify industrialized and civilized spaces. Using field recordings, obscure samples and FM synthesis, Epiro draws his abstract landscapes as a series of overexposed and imprecise pictures made by concrete and organic architectures, amorphous rhythmic patterns, repetitive sequences broken by oblique elements that seems looking for a new active role into the ecosystem. Exploring communication and transitions between the inanimate side of the existing and the living one, the sound of Rubisco seems to be pulled out from the walls of an abandoned building or captured while it is lying on the ground of empty spaces or fluctuating like fine dust through the light. It leads the listener into a form of "after rave" limbo, or a personal hiding place, where the head projects only the image of the sounds you've listened to during your human experience. The result is a record that plays with taut minimal touches, inspired by the work of Egisto Macchi and Angus MacLise, alongside vital rhythmic hypnotism, close to the sonic delirium dreamed up by the likes of Demdike Stare and Fis (whose 2015 album The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now was also released through Loopy

Donato Epiro: Rubisco

Rubisco Donato Epiro
Ombra Marina Donato Epiro
Un Nuovo Linguaggio Donato Epiro
Luminosa Donato Epiro
Nessuna Natura Donato Epiro
Scilla Donato Epiro
Affluente Donato Epiro
Luce Assente Donato Epiro
Pupille Donato Epiro

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