Drab Majesty

Completely Careless (2012 - 2015)

Dais Records DAIS 084 CD
  • CD: Jewel Case with foil printed Slip and Booklet
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Three years have swiftly passed since Drab Majesty entered the dreary pop realm of translucent surrealism and public fascination. With each passing moment, the creator Deb Demure depicts increasing complexities within the soubrette known to some as Drab Majesty.

Since its inception, the Drab Majesty venture has yielded a self-released edition entitled Unarian Dances, a collaborative vinyl release with legendary Eleven Pond, celebratory EP Unknown to the I and debut full length album Careless.

Dais Records has gathered the Drab Majesty discography up until present day into a compilation compact disc styled as Completely Careless (2012-2015), comprised of 18 compositions, two of which are previously unreleased, and housed in a sleeved jewel case with foil printed slip and booklet.

Drab Majesty: Completely Careless (2012 - 2015)

The Foyer Drab Majesty
Entrance And Exits Drab Majesty
Foreign Eye Drab Majesty
Everything Is Sentimental Drab Majesty
The Heiress Drab Majesty
Hallow Drab Majesty
Unknown To The I Drab Majesty
Careless Drab Majesty
Waiting Game Drab Majesty
The Foyer (Cold Showers Remix) Drab Majesty
Ultra Violet Drab Majesty
Saturn Inc. Drab Majesty
Pragmagick Drab Majesty
In A Hotel (Somewhere) Drab Majesty
Y.K.E.D.A. Drab Majesty
Wrecking Ball Drab Majesty
Pole Position Drab Majesty
Silhouette Drab Majesty

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