Boy Man Machine

Orange Milk records OM071
  • LP: Includes download
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DROSE is on the forefront of the evolving experimental/outsider metal scene. Containing the power & aggression of traditional metal music without the macho posturing, Drose's heaviness takes on a sense of beauty or bittersweetness, aided by a sometimes hushed, sometimes scathing unconventional vocal performance. Boy Man Machine is built on a foundation of industrial machine samples, creating a rigid, mechanical base that perfectly contrasts the overarching human elements. "Drose feels like being in a dark room for a long period of time & getting more & more anxious as time goes on."

Drose: Boy Man Machine

The Unraveling Drose
An Idol Drose
A Loss Drose
Numerical Control Drose
Mechanism Is Lord Drose
A Clay Mind Drose
The Man Drose
A Change Drose
Heat & Patience Drose
His Reflection Drose

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