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The second DURUTTI COLUMN album, originally released on Factory Records in 1981, marked the departure of producer Martin Hannett (Joy Division, Buzzcocks) and the addition of drummer BRUCE MITCHELL, who would remain a longtime collaborator with chief member, guitarist VINI REILLY. LC is as powerful as the debut, a fantastic collection of guitar excursions that transcend genre. This is also the first album to feature Reilly's speak-sing vocal style on a number of songs (including "The Missing Boy" a tribute to the recently deceased leader of Joy Division, Ian Curtis). Another stellar album.

Durutti Column: LC

Sketch For Dawn (1) Durutti Column 5'15''
Portrait For Frazer Durutti Column 3'32''
Jacqueline Durutti Column 2'18''
Messidor Durutti Column 2'32''
Sketch For Dawn (2) Durutti Column 4'34''
Never Known Durutti Column 6'46''
The Act Committed Durutti Column 5'03''
Detail For Paul Durutti Column 2'00''
The Missing Boy Durutti Column 6'37''
The Sweet Cheat Gone Durutti Column 2'49''

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