Lux Campaign

Opal Tapes OPAL112
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Following an earlier release on Opal Tapes, several releases through her Summer Isle imprint and a smattering of vinyl issues on the esteemed BANK Records NYC and Aught Void, Rita M's E-Saggila project returns to Opal for the most advanced statement of intent from her so far. Lux Campaign is an elegant union of industrial and rhythmic noise music with techno (Lux Campaign, Green Zone) Jungle + DnB (Stature and Scent) and as stand alone pieces of gothic abstraction.

E-Saggila: Lux Campaign

Idle Jaguar E-Saggila 8'47''
In The Snake E-Saggila 7'07''
Stature and Scent E-Saggila 6'57''
Green Zone E-Saggila 8'04''
Movement (feat. Death Kneel) E-Saggila 7'23''
Alternative Street Body E-Saggila 7'31''
Lux Campaign E-Saggila 6'57''
Lost Broadcast E-Saggila 7'12''

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