Synthetic Space

Sferic sferic001
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The sferic label bubbles up from Manchester city centre with Echium’s debut suite of charming ambient gestures, neatly expanded by empathetic, weightless house remixes from local cuties; Perfume Advert and Space Afrika.

Their mutual first move, Synthetic Space [sferic 001] positions both Echium and sferic within a well rooted tradition of Berlin kosmische, dub and Detroit techno-informed electronics emanating from the rainy city, convecting a wistful spirit that resonates with Martin Hannett’s work for The Durutti Column as much as J.S. Zeiter’s mutable dub techno and the humbly mannered moves of the CCO and meandyou. labels.

.Its eight original tracks oscillate between effervescent tones and grained electronics with a carefully realised, cybernetic nuance, locating a lush balance of haptic nudge and detached process that really gets under the skin in altered states. It’s active in the opening cut, Blended Textures’ swirl of arid chords and frothing acid, and smudged deeply into the glowing pores of Juum and the noumenal bleep space of Looum, and aching with a lovebot sentience in the Shinichi Atobe-esque title track, all on the A-side, whereas the the B-side subtly edges up the bass to tactile, insistent degrees with the air-stepping Ethereal and Activation beauties giving way to the arabesque vignette, Jazz Interlude.

Special mention, then for the remixes, with Salford’s Perfume Advert playing to their Anxiety Support Group tendencies with nervously deferred but soothing results, and the ascendent Space Afrika duo hustling a rolling, heads-down Tribalist Dub version that leaves the disc simmering for another spin ahead of their debut LP, as promised for sferic in the near future.

Echium: Synthetic Space

Blended Textures Echium
Interlude 23 Echium
Juum Echium
Synthetic Space 1 Echium 3'56''
Synthetic Space 1 Echium
Looum Echium
Ethereal Echium
Activation Echium
Jazz Interlude Echium
Synthetic Space (Perfume Advert Ambient Remix) Echium
Synthetic Space (Space Afrika Remix) Echium

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