Leaf Label BAY040LP
  • 2LP+CD: 2015 Repress
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Copenhagen's EFTERKLANG reach far beyond the expectations of a debut with their ambitious first album for The Leaf Label. The ten-member group's music whispers like thunder, combining glacial strings, febrile electronic rhythms, hushed male-female vocals (reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine) and a Greenlandic choir - all joining together to a transcendent whole. Tripper was a year in the making, and it captures the intricate majesty of the best film soundtracks and most evocative classical works.

Efterklang: Tripper

Foetus Efterklang
Swarming Efterklang
Step Aside Efterklang
Prey and Predator Efterklang
Collecting Shields Efterklang
Doppelganger Efterklang
Tortuous Tracks Efterklang
Monopolist Efterklang
Chapter 6 Efterklang

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