• EP: Includes download, Hot foiled sleeve with wraparound high gloss UV decal, ltd. numbered 300 copies
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6-track EP called 'Influkz' from Ekoplekz - "original, surreal and hypnotic" (NME).

From the jittery ‘Riddim Autonomik’ to the epic ‘Zone Stikz’ the EP has a sense of imminent collapse, a woozy atmosphere of pulses and textures swimming in and out of focus, underpinned by the agitated rhythms. It has a multi-layered dub feel, the swirling patterns seemingly producing different effects each time you hear it. Deep listening.

Ekoplekz: Influkz EP

Fluktuate Ekoplekz
Riddim Autonomik Ekoplekz
Ariwakz Ekoplekz
Iron Akton Ekoplekz
Zone Stikz Ekoplekz
Unkonabulate Ekoplekz

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