Emmy The Great

Second Love

Bella Union BELLA030V
  • LP (color vinyl) : Includes Download, Purple Vinyl
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The droll poetry of Emmy's lyrics are brilliantly showcased in 'Hyperlink'. The scene evoked could be any hipster freelancer-filled cafe in London, LA or New York: "All those people tapping keys/ Where once they would read magazines./ Take me walking through the screens./ Tell me all your broken dreams" At this point, connecting emotionally feels as much of a given as connecting to the WiFi. From layers of distraction and discarded sentences, the winning thought appears: "I know love is the answer in the end"

'Social Halo' is disarming in its vulnerability and honesty, describing the uncertainty and insecurity that comes with new love, while 'Dance With Me' is a steamy, mesmerising tale of seduction. 'Phoenixes' takes it back to a Nineties/Noughties youth full of Bliss magazine, heartthrob posters on the wall, dieting and learning about fashion: "We thought Vogue was French for Bible". It tells fondly of an era of innocent change and dreamy future plans; set against the firm knowledge of the reality of the rest of the album, this is particularly poignant.

'Part of Me' is a short, fast and lyrically self-assured track about reaching a point of belonging with another person, while closing track 'Lost In You' reintroduces the uncertainty that typifies the record. One of the album's most beautiful songs, the sparse, single-note piano beneath the reverb of the vocal is startling. It begins "Once I was a flight risk", which later becomes "I wish I was a flight risk", and turns to being held, never let go, getting "lost in you". It's as if fleeing the noise and distraction of everything else and being absorbed in someone is the only way it can work.


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