Ex-Easter Island Head

Twenty-Two Strings

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Following on from the critically acclaimed Mallet Guitars trilogy (2010-13) and Large Electric Ensemble (2014) and honed across high profile live appearances including the Stewart Lee curated ATP, Liverpool Psych Fest and the Edinburgh Fringe, Twenty-Two Strings is the latest album from UK-based experimental trio Ex-Easter Island Head.

Utilising horizontally-laid electric guitars and bass, the group continue to develop their own distinctive musical language, eschewing digital processing and effects for a vocabulary of mechanical preparations and extended techniques, creating a sound drawing on minimalism, gamelan and process music.

Their most complex and focused release yet, Twenty Two Strings finds the group refining their overtone-rich string explorations around a skeleton of tuned bells and drums, bringing a new propulsive momentum to the group’s goal of “an ever changing surface over an unmoving centre”.

Across these seven pieces, Ex-Easter Island Head push the boundaries of their intentionally restrained set-up, balancing austere physicality with luminescent abstraction to create a bold summation of the group's work to date.

Ex-Easter Island Head: Twenty-Two Strings

Four Guitars Ex-Easter Island Head 2'24''
Ten Bells Ex-Easter Island Head 3'40''
Two Coins Ex-Easter Island Head 3'00''
Sixteen Snares Ex-Easter Island Head 5'21''
Twenty-Two Strings Ex-Easter Island Head 9'34''
Eight Bridges Ex-Easter Island Head 6'48''
Six Sticks Ex-Easter Island Head 5'31''

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