Debt Dept.

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Excepter is an electronic performance group devoted to the destruction of boundaries between the psychic friends network and reality television. DEBT DEPT is an album of protest songs played in anti-commercial style with a timeless message for today’s election-year consumer:


DEBT DEPT was recorded in FIVE days, in THREE intervals, over the course of NINE months. Of SEVENTEEN tracks recorded, EIGHT tracks remain, molded by FOUR successive layers of building and erasing, TWO bands in ONE.

Excepter: Debt Dept.

Entrance Excepter 6'44''
Shots Ring Excepter 3'35''
Kill People Excepter 4'58''
Any And Every Excepter 4'13''
The Last Dance Excepter 5'08''
Greenhousestretch Excepter 6'54''
Walking Through The Night Excepter 4'30''
Sunrise Excepter 3'48''
Burgers Excepter 3'55''

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