Expo 70

Exquisite Lust

Sonic Meditations SM066-LP
  • 2LP: Includes download, Tip-On Gatefold Sleeve, remastered and ltd. to 425 copies, 180 gr black Vinyl
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The 10th Anniversary edition of this classic album from the master of drone and Kosmiche Musik was originally released on CDr by Kill Shaman in 2006. Sonic Meditations presents a first time vinyl and cassette edition, newly mastered after being out of print since 2009.

"Gorgeous drifting ethereal krautrocky ambience is what Expo '70 is all about, and eyes closed, you'd be hard pressed to not think this was some Ash Ra Tempel disc or some long lost A.R. and The Machines lp. Crafted entirely from guitars, sitar and Moog, each track here is some sort of lengthy, mesmerizingingly blissed out minimal drone jam. Guitar figures are looped into hypnotic cycles, over shimmery whirls of fuzzy sound and distant drones, the looped riffs slowly shifting and gently changing shape. It's almost like some sort of new age space rock Steve Reich." - Aquarius Records couldn’t have summed up the etherial mystique around Wright’s developing project better.

Expo 70: Exquisite Lust

Hitherto Expo 70
Astrionics Pt. I Expo 70
Motorik Expo 70
Village Of Forst Expo 70
Astrionics Pt. II Expo 70
Witch Hunt Of The Sun People Expo 70
Two Black Hearts Expo 70
Exquisite Lust Expo 70
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