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To celebrate the signing of the wonderful, spectacular, heart-warming and body-sweating icelandic supergroup FM Belfast we re-release "Underwear" the biggest hit from their debut album "How To Make Friends" with an exclusive and explosive additional version, that was recorded live in their backyard. It's your new favourite song by your new favourite band!
An organically grown electro-pop outfit from Iceland, FM Belfast have been capturing the imaginations and swaying the bodies of constantly growing audiences throughout the world since they first appeared on the notoriously vibrant Icelandic music scene in 2006. ‘Underwear’ is a great introduction to—and fine example of—the band’s music; an anthem dedicated to escaping the indifference and boredom of everyday life through imagination, ingenuity and partial nudity.
‘Underwear’ perfectly captures FM Belfast’s carefree and enthusiastic attitude and provides a glimpse into the joy surrounding everything the band gets up to. It is also an excellent track to dance along to: just see what happens if the band performs it live!

FM Belfast: Underwear

Underwear (Single Version) FM Belfast 3'09''
Underwear (Live Version) FM Belfast 5'01''
Underwear (Prins Póló Acoustic Version) FM Belfast 4'28''
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