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Electronic composer Fis and Maori sound artist Rob Thorne present Clear Stones, the outcome of recording sessions they undertook in Berlin.

The album features Thorne playing a selection of taonga puoro (traditional Maori instruments translating as singing treasures), including the putatara (conch horn), purerehua (bullroarer), tumutumu kohatu (stone percussion) and putorino (both flute and horn). The collaboration sees Fis providing a new electronic setting for Thorne's music, restructuring and manipulating the recordings.

Discussing the production process, Fis says, "We’ve zoomed in on the edges of these instruments’ voices. So there are moments where what might sound like distortion is actually resonant saliva in the putorino and the putatara. Rob’s breathing in between notes isn’t hidden, it’s accentuated, so are the last flutters and super low frequencies of a purerehua as it dies away... We’ve played around too with real and surreal senses of acoustic space, questioning these distinctions."

Fis and Rob Thorne: Clear Stones

1 Tor-201 Fis and Rob Thorne
2 Front Ear Fis and Rob Thorne
3 Wooden Lung Fis and Rob Thorne
4 Glum Herrin Fis and Rob Thorne
5 Whakauruuru Fis and Rob Thorne
6 Phase Transition Fis and Rob Thorne

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