Forest Swords


Ninja Tune ZENCD243
  • LP (Ltd.): Includes download, colored vinyl, incl. 12 page booklet & insert
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Forest Swords, aka acclaimed Merseyside-based producer Matthew Barnes, returns with his eagerly anticipated new full-length record.

“Compassion" engages with an uncertain world we’re experiencing, distilling it into a unique sound territory: Barnes' exploration of the mid-point between ecstasy and frustration, artificial and human feels timely and affecting. The result is an assured, compelling body of work, tying together the ancient and future: weaving swathes of buzzing digital textures, field recordings, clattering beats and distorted jazz sax with fizzing orchestral arrangements.

Forest Swords: Compassion

War It Forest Swords
The Highest Flood Forest Swords
Panic Forest Swords
Exalter Forest Swords
Border Margin Barrier Forest Swords
Arms Out Forest Swords
Vandalism Forest Swords
Sjurvival Forest Swords
Raw Language Forest Swords
Knife Edge Forest Swords

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