All Ends / Off Ends

Her Records HERWL001
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Her Records at long last deliver their first ever vinyl release after a slew of essential Digital-only releases, featuring grimy rebuilds of a classic Baltimore club vocal by Devon’s No.1 club trak specialist, Fraxinus.

After lighting up the scene with a string of advanced club constructions starting with Miss Modular’s ‘Reflector Pack’ and taking in debuts from label bosses Sudanim and CYPHR, they commit their ass to club music’s divine, physical format with timelessly fwd style.

Uptown, the A-side buxx wild with flanging subs and skittish rimshots yoked to a slamming 4/4 kick and that militant sing-along vocal, flipping Baltimore ghetto music with a sharp UK diction and grimy attitude.

B-side, ‘Off Ends’ or ‘All Ends VIP’ to the fiends, ratchets the energy levels with raspin’ claps and bolshy ballroom kicks lending a fractured tension to Ria’s ‘hood shout outs. They’re both rude as they come, bound for a dance near you.

Fraxinus: All Ends / Off Ends

All Ends Fraxinus
Off Ends Fraxinus

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