Fresh & Onlys

Early Years Anthology

Castle Face CF 059 CD
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We were young enough to put our bodies to the test every night on the 7 x 7 mile patch of the bay. The endless wars seemed less at home. Songs were hanging off the branches heavy, plump and threatening to rot on the vine if they weren’t polished and put to tape. The band was on their 3rd live drummer but the line up in The Fresh & Onlys recording tower was a consistent group of pop soldiers writing, working, and whiling away the hours. A beeramid of cheap cans, endless dope smokery and a pretty strong vibe of dudes who would play together into oblivion. 388 rolling Tape spilling over itself, drum kit covered in mufflers, a chest of shitty percussion toys, lots of ideas, and multiple secret weapons at their disposal: Shayde Sartin: the beast from out east, the thud of a heavy slow bomb…the best bass player in the bay Unaccredited infinite times on records that were made better by his finely crafted skills. I can pick him out on records instantly. Wymond “the count”: you can almost smell his hair on his hooks. If there was a stage monitor in your living room his fence-climber boot would be on it. Wymond always had the riff that made the jets of the song take off. Listen and you’ll see what I mean. Tim Cohen: the man behind the beard. Some would say the leader. In the game as long as Bette Midler. Cohen writes great songs in his sleep I think. Once referred to by a buddy as “like 3 weirdos in one”.

Think of these as basement tapes, a companion to the first F+Os castle face release (which itself deserves another listen) I remember watching some of these tunes get banged out live in a sweat pit in Oakland. The sound guy so gacked out that there was no sound guy basically...ah memories…” John Dwyer, Feb 16th 2015

Fresh & Onlys: Early Years Anthology

Tongue In Cheek Fresh & Onlys
Don't Look Down Fresh & Onlys
Seven Directions Fresh & Onlys
Summer Wheels Fresh & Onlys
Double Sided Woman Fresh & Onlys
Sunglasses Fresh & Onlys
I'm A Puppet Fresh & Onlys
Deviants Within Fresh & Onlys
Bomb Wombs Fresh & Onlys
Oo I Got Got Fresh & Onlys
Stranger In My House Fresh & Onlys
Pile Of Bones Fresh & Onlys

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