Vampire Blues VB004
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For the first time ever a vinyl version of the fuck classic from 1996 "Pretty...Slow" is being reissued! Originally released on compact disc in 1996, it was a fanboy wet dream: a hand-numbered, limited-edition small cardboard box stuffed with candy, tiny toys, crayons and a coloring book. The music, like the packaging, showed the same DIY anything-goes attitude - lyrics like “She came home to runaway...” are completely upended by the demented howl of a brutalized violin on “Monkey Does His Thing,” while “Shotgun Hours” is like a Lou Reed meets Townes Van Zandt death-song.

Back then, everybody wanted a copy but the band could never keep up with the demand. Twenty years on, Vampire Blues’ vinyl edition of Pretty…slow ensures that every boy and girl can get the fuck they deserve.

Fuck: Pretty...Slow

Wrongy Wrong Fuck
I Am Your King Fuck
Hide Face Fuck
In the Corner Fuck
From Heaven Fuck
One Eye out the Door Fuck
Monkey Does His Thing Fuck
Pretty Pretty Fuck
Shotgun (H)ours Fuck
Beauty Remains Fuck
Elysian Fields (WNYU, 8/95) Fuck
From Heaven (WNYU, 8/95) Fuck
Last Thing (WNYU, 8/95) Fuck
Wrongy Wrong (WNYU, 8/95) Fuck
Dawnji Poo (WNYU, 8/95) Fuck
Hide Face (Mercury Lounge, 8/95) Fuck
Beauty Remains (Mercury Lounge, 8/95) Fuck
Aviary (Mercury Lounge, 8/95) Fuck

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