Future Islands

On The Water

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On The Water is Future Islands’ eagerly awaited new album following last year’s critically acclaimed In Evening Air and their instantly sold out 7” Before the Bridge.

Future Islands’ romantic synth sound scales new heights with On the Water, the Baltimore trio’s most ambitious and fully realized statement yet. Built around a song cycle exploring love, loss, and memory, their latest album finds the band continuing to deliver pounding rhythms, swelling melodies, and undeniable hooks - but finding new ways to probe inner space and tug at hearts.
Convening in March 2011 in Elizabeth City, NC’s historic, waterfront Andrew S. Sanders House, vocalist Samuel T. Herring, bassist William Cashion, and keyboardist Gerrit Welmers lived together in a space that served as both studio and sleeping quarters. The band used this tranquil retreat to refine their most reflective and mature batch of songs to date, adding new material in the process.
What emerged is a lush yet visceral album about two parallel journeys--one physical and one psychological. On the Water’s narrator offers enough detail that their story feels personal, yet open enough that any listener can inhabit each twist and emotional pang as their own.

CD version comes in a digipack with 6 panel booklet. LP version includes full color artworked inner sleeve and free download coupon!

Future Islands: On The Water

On the Water Future Islands 4'51''
Before the Bridge Future Islands 3'59''
The Great Fire Future Islands 3'15''
Open Future Islands 1'28''
Where I Found You Future Islands 5'44''
Give Us the Wind Future Islands 4'05''
Close to None Future Islands 6'19''
Balance Future Islands 4'06''
Tybee Island Future Islands 3'17''
Grease Future Islands 5'28''

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