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Prodigious Hungarian minimalist, Gábor Lázár, twysts out six cuts of super-forward avant-techno on his debut vinyl, ‘EP16’, for The Death Of Rave. Combining viscerally affective electronic timbre and hyperkinetic patterns, they’re real-time recordings of Gábor extracting maximum funk from a single note rendered as sheer gradients pitched and punctuated with unique, algorithmic meters.

In a sense the process is drily academic, but the results are seriously funked-up. Gábor seemingly intersects myriad minimal dancefloor patterns - hardcore, footwork, electro, digital dancehall
- with uncompromising electronic tones to create some kinda new rhythmelodic syntax and grammar of his own. Cannily nudging every scything, whirring, strobing hit off-the-grid, he’s practically re-programming and skewing our sense of rhythmic proprioception and temporal awareness in real time, throwing down the gauntlet to body and brain with stoic rigour and reckless effect.

‘EP16’ follows Gábor’s split tape with Russell Haswell for his Budapest-based Last Foundation, plus debut album, ‘ILS’ (2014) for Lorenzo Senni’s Presto?! label, and precedes an upcoming 2LP collaboration with Mark Fell, due on The Death Of Rave.

Gábor Lázár: EP16

EP 1 Gábor Lázár
EP 2 Gábor Lázár
EP 3 Gábor Lázár
EP 4 Gábor Lázár
EP 5 Gábor Lázár
EP 6 Gábor Lázár

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