Galen Herod

Word & Musics Recordings 1983-88

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  • 2LP: Gatefold sleeve, incl. 2 lyric sheets, ltd. numbered edition of 500
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Galen Herod has always considered himself a “recording artist”. Not in the traditional sense, as in, “recording artist Frank Sinatra!” But as an actual description of what he does. Sometimes the art he records even turn into songs. That’s what this 2 LP set is all about.
While creating several cassettes of his homemade modular electronics in 1980/81 he created 3 cassettes of improv/post-rock/synth recordings with Phoenix area compatriots ’Metalmonkey’ and in 1981 he met Greg Horn and they started the Minimal/Synth/Wave-project Tone Set.

After the release by Tone Set of 'Cal's Ranch' and 'Calibrate' Galen began the last phase of his cassette career in 1983 with “Glad to be a Human”. These solo songs continue in Tone Set’s poppy vein; Greg Horn guests on 2 cuts.
Besides Glad to be Human this 2 LP set further features songs from “Food for the Mood”, “Bite the Wax Tadpole” and “Where the Heck is Mr. Fun?“ (or Up and Down the Donut with Frank)” released between 1984 and 1988.
Over the course of these cassettes his style evolves from homebrew synthpop to a Dinosaur Jr. sort of thing, but it’s all quintessentially Galen, with his decidedly skewed take on normality.

Butch Vig said “No matter what kind of music he does, it’ll always be Galen, with THAT voice singing on top of it”. “THAT voice” is also what’s revealed in these texts. Plus pre-Tone Set bonus “the Compact Man”. People all over the web are searching for copies of these tapes, now’s your chance to get the best of those songs in a lavish 2 LP VOD set, with two full lyric sheets (more than 4000 words) and interesting photos.

Galen Herod: Word & Musics Recordings 1983-88

The Compact Man Galen Herod
Looking For The Perfect Love Galen Herod
The Pig Story Galen Herod
Prisoners Of Love Galen Herod
Twenty Miles From Cuba Galen Herod
The Boy With The Swollen Head Galen Herod
The River Picnic Galen Herod
Squalor Is Happy Galen Herod
The Psychic By The Pool Galen Herod
Maybe I'm A Martian Galen Herod
I Want Money Galen Herod
Combing My Hair In Hell Galen Herod
Dumb Questions Galen Herod
The Rhymning Song Galen Herod
Thinkin' Top Pretty Face Galen Herod
Brian Knows Galen Herod
Counting Things Galen Herod
Christmas All Over Again Galen Herod
Bill, Dave & Jed Galen Herod
Everything Is Happy & Nice Galen Herod
Rock & Rock With Julie Galen Herod
Larry Nance Galen Herod
Bite The Wax Tadpole Galen Herod
Rv Galen Herod
Grain Elevator Galen Herod
I Wish I Was Arnold Galen Herod
I'm Not Waiting Galen Herod
Up & Down The Donut With Frank Galen Herod
The Song Of The Pioneers Galen Herod
The Man Who Wasn't There Galen Herod

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