Gavin Russom

Lost Tape Archive

Ecstatic EMC028
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Ecstatic present a companion piece to their retrospective of Paper Eyes material from Gavin Russom with this limited tape featuring two live shows from 96/97 and a fake radio show also from ‘97 with a live studio appearance in which he interviews himself...

Previously restricted to a series of self-released tapes, Gavin Russom’s early Paper Eyes project was given a much-needed reappraisal by Ecstatic who dropped the warped delights of Source Cognitive Drive – Transmissions 1996-1998 back in May. Providing an intriguing snapshot of Russom’s state of mind in the months following his arrival in NYC from Providence, the 16-track Source Cognitive Drive channelled a harsh and abrasive spirit that was comparable to Container, Wolf Eyes and Carlos Giffoni.

In contrast to the previous Paper Eyes record on Ecstatic, this cassette presents the project in a different light. Two uncredited performances recorded sometime between 1996 and 1997 sit on the B side, the gritty quality of the recording only enhancing the shredding nature of Russom’s sets! Complementing these, Ecstatic have scored a fake radio show from ’97 in which Russom spoofs it up as Jonny Stardust, interviewing himself before delivering another scorching Paper Eyes meltdown.

Gavin Russom: Lost Tape Archive

Paper Eyes on WROK (February 1998) Gavin Russom
Paper Eyes at Oberlin (March 7th 1997) Gavin Russom
Paper Eyes Live at (May 1997) Gavin Russom

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