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First released for Record Store Day 2014, XL Recordings have now made the digital copies of this posthumous collection of Scott-Heron recordings available. The cuts on the record were produced by Richard Russell at the same time as Gil Scott-Heron was putting together I’m New Here. The LP is made up of stripped-back renditions of Gil’s music spanning from 1971 to 1994. Russell described the LP as "carefully curated (and) an excellent introduction to his previous output”. While the LP was release after the death of Scott-Heron it sounds somehow brand new. The idiosyncrasies of his unique sound come to the fore on timeless ballads like Your Daddy Loves You and Blue Collar. His vocals sound fragile but beautifully assured. The record also includes a number of spoken interludes where Gil’s in-the-studio wisdom provides a glimpse even further in to one of music’s most intriguing and ageless figures.

Includes a digital download and a DVD with the film 'Who is Gil Scott-Heron?'

Gil Scott-Heron: Nothing New

Did You Hear What They Said Gil Scott-Heron
Better Days Ahead Gil Scott-Heron
Household Name (Interlude) Gil Scott-Heron
Your Daddy Loves You Gil Scott-Heron
Changing Yourself (Interlude) Gil Scott-Heron
Pieces of a Man Gil Scott-Heron
Enjoying Yourself (Interlude) Gil Scott-Heron
Alien (Hold On to Your Dreams) Gil Scott-Heron
Before I Hit the Bottom (Interlude) Gil Scott-Heron
95 South (All of the Places We've Been) Gil Scott-Heron
The Other Side Gil Scott-Heron
The On Off Switch (Interlude) Gil Scott-Heron
Blue Collar Gil Scott-Heron
On Bobby Blue Bland (Interlude) Gil Scott-Heron

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