In The Red ITR290LP
  • LP: Includes download, Tip-On Sleeve
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Debut album from In The Red supergroup feat. Ty Segall and members of Fuzz, Ex-Cult, Wand, The Moonhearts, Vial and others.

Chapter Two: We find our man stumbling through the darkness in the garden of illusion and fame.

Chris Shaw smokes the microphone while Ty Segall and Charles Moothart trade lizardian licks and skin hits. Guest GØGGS include Cory Hanson, Mikal Cronin and Denée Petracek. Ten tracks of misanthropic noise to bring home to mom’s house on fire.

Boots to your face after the high speed chase, Then! A death trip down memory lane. The lead actor dies first and the shotgun shooter flashes chipped teeth.
Created in Los Angeles in the middle of the summer of 2015: three years of planning, thirty days of writing, one week of ripping. A severed finger on the button, the player ends the game. Final notice has been served.

Gøggs: Gøggs

Falling In Gøggs
Shotgun Shooter Gøggs
She Got Harder Gøggs
Smoke The WArrm Gøggs
Gøggs Gøggs
Assassinate The Doctor Gøggs
Needle Trade Off Gøggs
Future Nothing Gøggs
Final Notice Gøggs
Glendale Junkyard Gøggs

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