Gonno & Nick Höppner

Fantastic Planet EP

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Nick Höppner returns to Ostgut Ton after last year’s Folk album and a split release with Fort Romeau (Cin Cin, 2015). The Fantastic Planet EP sees him collaborating with Japanese DJ and producer Gonno on three bouncy, club-enabled tracks, steeped in early 90s House and UK Electronica vibes.
Höppner met Sunao Gonno on his first travels to Tokyo in 2008 where they clicked immediately: A similar musical upbringing from Post Hardcore to club music paved the way for Gonno and Nick where the language barrier would’ve been a stumbling block otherwise – firstly as a foundation for a personal relationship, later for an ad hoc three day stint in Höppner’s studio when Gonno visited Berlin for his DJ debut at Panorama Bar. Despite the limited time together, all three pieces evolved from initial jams and sketches to tidied up tracks, not only sharing a resembling emotion but also playful and detailed musical elements.
“Spocking Fivers” on A opens on a more jazzy and breakbeat note, with snapping fingers, various synth pads and percussion slowly building layer upon layer, up until a warm kick, some gentle melody and bubbling sounds take over. It’s a grower, in terms of running time and track development.
“Fantastic Planet” on B1 comes with a strong, continuous 4/4 bassline and organic percussion from start to end, further on dominated by hypnotic melody stabs and a swelling climax – a muscular yet detailed piece. Finally “As Above, So Below” follows more romantic and dreamy motifs, by using a more mellow downbeat theme it lets all squeaky sounds mesh nicely.

Gonno & Nick Höppner: Fantastic Planet EP

spocking fivers Gonno & Nick Höppner
fantastic planet Gonno & Nick Höppner

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