Green Gums

Black Tongue EP

Diagonal Diagonal 020
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Dom Butler (Factory Floor) & Richard Smith (L/F/D/M), a.k.a. the gnashing duo behind Bronze Teeth, bare their Green Gums alias with the nasty acid and feral tribal licks of the ‘Black Tongue EP’ for Diagonal.

The name change signifies a more acrid tang to their new EP, still produced on vintage analog hardware, but with a more infected, slavering effect on the ‘floor favoured by everyone from Ben U.F.O. to Powell.

A venomous ‘ZoZoMoNo’ bites down hard with a zig-zagging, serrated 303 sequence and locked-on EBM groove; ‘Dag’ shoots from the hip with revving bass and stripped-down, strobing synths. ‘Cestoda’s Labyrinth’ sparks psychotic jack patterns on chewy offset bass rubs with a reel Chicagoan grit; and ‘Tap Dancing Goat Man’ bangs slow like some brute edit of Burundi Black.

Where Bronze Teeth tend to extended jams, Green Gums deal in succinct club tools for the crafty DJ, expertly augmenting classic styles for contemporary play.

Green Gums: Black Tongue EP

ZoZoMoNo Green Gums
Dag Green Gums
Cestoda's Labyrinth Green Gums
Tap Dancing Goat Man Green Gums

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