Hailu Mergia

Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument / Shemonmuanaye

Awesome Tapes From Africa ATFA006LP
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In 1985 master accordionist and veteran bandleader/arranger/keyboardist released the Hailu Mergia and His Classical Instrument cassette. In a nostalgic effort to bring back the vintage accordion sound of his youth, Mergia gave Ethiopian music a sonic makeover. Mergia was already celebrated for his work with the groundbreaking, industry-shifting Addis Ababa ethio-jazz and funk outfit the Walias Band, he pressed forward using new tools to retool the popular sounds of the past.

Adding a Moog synthesizer, Rhodes electric piano and rhythm machine, to the rich harmonic layering of his accordion, he created elegantly arranged, hauntingly psychedelic instrumentals. These songs draw from famous traditional and modern Ethiopian songs, as Mergia brilliantly matches Amhara, Tigrinya and Oromo melodies to otherworldly flavors soaked in jazz and blues, synthesizing a lush, futuristic landscape. He balances Ethiopian music's signature melodic shape with beautiful analog synth touches floating upon clouds of hypnotically minimal rhythm tracks.

Hailu Mergia: Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument / Shemonmuanaye

Shemonmuanaye Hailu Mergia
Sewnetuwa Hailu Mergia
Laloye Hailu Mergia
Wegene Hailu Mergia
Hari Meru Meru Hailu Mergia
Amrew Demkew Hailu Mergia
Anchin Alay Alegn Hailu Mergia
Ambasel Hailu Mergia
Hebo Lale Hailu Mergia
Belew Beduby Hailu Mergia
Shilela Hailu Mergia

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