Hallelujah The Hills

A Band Is Something To Figure Out

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A Band Is Something To Figure Out is the fifth full length album from American rock band HALLELUJAH THE HILLS. It was recorded approximately 10 years to the day of their first rehearsal. Their last album, 2014's Have You Ever Done Something Evil? was named the #1 Overlooked Album of the Year by PopMatters and landed the band on over a dozen year end best of lists. With the new album, they have released their defining statement—an ambitious, wild set of songs unlike anything the band has done before. The band have released albums on Misra Records, worked with everyone from Titus Andronicus to Marissa Nadler, and have been called “Boston legends” by The Boston Globe.

Hallelujah The Hills: A Band Is Something To Figure Out

What Do The People Want Hallelujah The Hills
We Have The Perimeter Surrounded Hallelujah The Hills
The Mountain That Wanted More Hallelujah The Hills
The Girl With Electronics Inside Hallelujah The Hills
Spin Them Atoms Hallelujah The Hills
I'm in the Phone Book, I'm on the Planet, I'm Dying Slowly Hallelujah The Hills
Play It As It Loops Hallelujah The Hills
Hassle Magnet Hallelujah The Hills
New Phone Who Dis Hallelujah The Hills
The Dangers Are Doubled Hallelujah The Hills
Realistic Birthday Music Hallelujah The Hills

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