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The world is spinning, and so is HARMONIOUS THELONIOUS, the latest project by Stefan Schwander (aka Antonelli). The Düsseldorfer's 2010 album "Talking" conquered new rhythmic worlds with Afro-Industrial music fueled by dizzying sequencer patterns, garnering much praise for its global mixture of sound. (Featured from international Resident Advisor Magazine and UK’s BBC Music over Caribou’s global DJ sets to “Record of the Month” in german De:Bug magazine). On his second album, "Listen", the harsh combination of the reduced pattern structures of American minimalist music with African-inspired rhythms heard on "Talking" has now given way to a bright, vivid harmony that seems much more direct, within which sometimes rages the rhythmic fever of South America. As an electronic musician, Schwander has always seen himself as a kind of human filter who gathers his listening experiences into something previously unheard. Yet strange new sounds and melodies are not merely used as decorative ornaments, but work as unified elements in a fearless balancing act between the pulse of Africa and the electronic groove of Europe.

Harmonious Thelonious: Listen

Argwöhnische Muziek (Original Version) Harmonious Thelonious 5'34''
Trans Harmonic System (Original Version) Harmonious Thelonious 6'29''
Marak (Original Version) Harmonious Thelonious 4'43''
Profaner Tanz (Original Version) Harmonious Thelonious 6'37''
Ting Tong (Original Version) Harmonious Thelonious 4'59''
Drums of Steel (Original Version) Harmonious Thelonious 4'57''
A.O. (Original Version) Harmonious Thelonious 3'29''
Vernachlässigte Muziek (Original Version) Harmonious Thelonious 4'10''

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