Henning Baer

Fighting The Dogs

Manhigh Recordings Manhigh001
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Over seven years of Grounded Theory and a clutch of celebrated releases to his name, Henning Baer has already proven himself one of the finest Berlin has to offer. With the launch of his MANHIGH imprint, he takes the jump to full control of his own output, freed of the constraints of collaborators and outside artistic direction.

This first release, ‘Fighting the Dogs’, comes from Henning Baer himself and features six tracks, including a remix from Blawan to polish off the debut EP. Upon first listen it is clear that Henning Baer is taking control over his freedom to deliver a modernized sound while keeping his beat driven and percussive heavy voice. The raw claps and hi hats are characteristic and persistent throughout the release while his signature style shines through.

Like the groundbreaking experiments after which MANHIGH is named, the label continuously seeks the rushing forward edge, a mission reflected in its releases, which focus on Henning’s own production and those artists, undiscovered and established, whose work achieves similar altitudes. Reaching the far edges of the atmosphere while remaining aimed at the ground, MANHIGH will regularly push new barriers in techno and beyond.

Henning Baer: Fighting The Dogs

System Test (NSDXTT) Henning Baer
Fighting The Dogs Henning Baer
PAN2945 (Blawan_Remix) Henning Baer
Moving Ground Henning Baer
The Last Quarter Henning Baer
Copper Skin Henning Baer

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