Hidden Rivers

Where Moss Grows

Serein Sere008CD
  • LP: 180 gr Vinyl, incl. 12"insert printed on heavy 300gr stock
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Away from the concrete towns and cities there is a place Where Moss Grows. A place walled with limestone, of dell and cave, forgotten railways and Hidden Rivers. This music is a document in sound of journeys through this place, the sylvan valley.

Treading a path worn by his forebears, Hidden Rivers (Huw Roberts) takes a left into the trees with debut solo album, Where Moss Grows. Better known until now for label curation at Serein and his work with Otto A Totland as Nest, Huw’s growing obsession with synthesizers and drum machines takes his solo work into uncharted territory. With barely an acoustic instrument in sight, Where Moss Grows is a personal and thematic album which confidently reveals his future intent.

Hidden Rivers: Where Moss Grows

Flying The Nest Hidden Rivers
In And Out Of Days Hidden Rivers
Sunday's Child Hidden Rivers
White Light Peak Hidden Rivers
Awash Hidden Rivers
The Liquid Mirror Hidden Rivers
Circa 96 Hidden Rivers
Red The Sun's Cold Disk Hidden Rivers
September Sun Memory Hidden Rivers
Over An Open Field Hidden Rivers
Futureproof Hidden Rivers

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