Hieroglyphic Being

The Acid Documents

Soul Jazz Records SJRLP322
  • 2LP: Includes download, Orange Vinyl
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Current Wire magazine front cover artist Hieroglyphic Being’s debut album for Soul Jazz - The Acid Documents - is an album made up of tracks first released last year only ever available in a bespoke edition of 100 copies (yes 100) – in the form of a homemade CD-R – made exclusively for the Sounds of the Universe record store.

This album is now released officially as a one-off edition of 1000 copies on coloured double vinyl, CD and digital, fully remastered with artwork by Japanese artist 2Yang.

Hieroglyphic Being, aka Jamal Moss - who features on the front cover of Wire magazine’s current issue – is a DJ/composer/sound artist who makes pioneering, experimental, boundary-pushing Afro-futurist electronic music.

Hieroglyphic Being: The Acid Documents

Culdees Hieroglyphic Beeing
Dualism Hieroglyphic Beeing
Fabian Society Hieroglyphic Beeing
Gematria Hieroglyphic Beeing
Jacobites Order Hieroglyphic Beeing
Aurum Solis Hieroglyphic Beeing
E Clampus Vitus Hieroglyphic Beeing
Hollow Earth Hieroglyphic Beeing
Illumiates of Thaneteros Hieroglyphic Beeing
Burlesque Degrees Hieroglyphic Beeing

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