Hieroglyphic Being

This Isn't Your Typical 90'S Era Techno / IDM Revisionist View 12"

Technicolour TCLR020
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Earlier this year Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being released “The Disco’s Of Imhotep” album via Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint. Drawing on the energy and spirituality of Sun-Ra, Moss conducted his machines to create a raw, pulsating and meditative work that focused as much on the dancefloor as on the synapses. It was universally praised: “Sweaty and ecstatic, elevated and pure…” (Pitchfork - 8.0); “Frequently sublime” (Crack Magazine); “Fires the mind and soothes the soul...” (The Quietus) and earned Moss a thoroughly deserved” Album Of The Month” spot in Mixmag.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Hieroglyphic Being returns to Technicolour on 11th November 2016 with an essential 12” two-tracker paying homage to “The Natives” of Chicago’s nascent and fertile electronic music scene in the 90s. Fiercely visceral and channelling the same “rhythmic cubist” approach, ‘This Is 4 The Rave Bangers’ and ‘HOME 95’ are proffered as “Reinterpretations or a Revisionist’s retrospective of the early 90's electronic music based in Chicago during the rise of Rave Culture from a sonic anthropological narrative”.

Hieroglyphic Being: This Isn't Your Typical 90'S Era Techno / IDM Revisionist View 12"

This Is 4 The Rave Bangers Hieroglyphic Being
Home 95 Hieroglyphic Being

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