Le Cabanon Records LECABANON002
  • EP: Green outer sleeve, incl. insert
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'Orogenèse' is the French scientific term which refers to all the geodynamic processes of a mountain's formation - when the sedimentary part of the ground folds under the pressure of lithospheric, converging tectonic plates.

The diversity of the sonic universe shaped by Horla reflects an ambivalent vision of our environment, where 'Orogenèse' crystalizes a metaphysic idea of the "Whole". Animated by minimalistic dub and technoïd pulsations, surrounded by ambient and noise synthesis movements, Horla's miscellany takes its roots from an industrial disorder before rising loudly on more hospitable elevations.

A story written by Matthieu Haberard is included in the vinyl edition.

Horla: Orogenèse

Instrümentum Horla 6'25''
Drummachine Supersansplomb Horla 4'27''
Orogenèse Horla 5'26''
Mountain Top Horla 5'51''

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