El Espejo El Y Mar

Wharf Cat WHC042
  • LP : Ltd. to 150 hand-numbered copies
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HOROSCOPE is the multimedia project of Miami native and Brooklyn resident, RENE J. NUNEZ CABRERA. With numerous cassette releases on labels such as Ascetic house and Acid Casualty Productions and tours with a wide range of artists, Horoscope has been a fixture in contemporary noise circles.

Compared to his often violent & confrontational live sets, Cabrera's debut vinyl release is a more meditative affair. Composed, arranged and recorded with only a QCS MS-20 synthesizer, Tascam 4 track and a Tarot deck, El Espejo el y Mar channels the more introspective aspects of Cabrera's live set, lulling listeners into a daze where they are invited to create a horoscope of their own.

Horoscope: El Espejo El Y Mar

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