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Ectoplasm Girl, Tanya Byrne, returns to iDEAL with the uncanny, ten-stage solo noise hypnosis of ‘Unlearn’.

Arriving a year on from her sister, Nadine Byrne’s incredible ‘A Different Gesture: Collected Soundtracks 2011-2012’, this suite reprises the repetitive trance states of their ‘TxN’ album, but at an enervated, slower pace and with more atonal, abstract textures in pursuit of some deeply personal, powerful and psychedelic spirit.

It’s equal measures industrial ambient, black metal, and ritual electronics, dissolving her ego and diffusing it amidst a spectrum of enchanted voices, rubbling synth swells and frayed tape loops calling for comparison with Atelecine’s L.A. noir noise in ‘Teamdream’, or the bunkered chamber techno creations of 51717 in ‘Soldier’, as well as the most gutted G.O.D. output with the loping ‘Fleshworld’, or even Wold at his most mystic, black mecha in the drone pits of ‘555-Forget’.

It’s a matter of life and death, and the hallucinatory, psychedelic space between those states - therefore don’t expect it to be pleasant or easy-going, as life itself.

Hypnotower: Unlearn

Teamdream Hypnotower
Patterns Hypnotower
Tracy Martin Hypnotower
Soldier Hypnotower
Battle Of The Brain Hypnotower
Fleshworld Hypnotower
555-Forget Hypnotower
Tjackboogie Hypnotower
Gone Hypnotower
Crowd Hypnotower

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