Hyperdub HDBLP035
  • 2LP: Gatefold
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The last few years Ikonoka's been building up a strong CV of remixes, from Chvurches to Dawn Richard, Austra and Junior Boys, as well as working on the album and DJing. Distractions builds on 2013’s Aerotropolis and the title answers the question ‘Why has the album taken so long?’ Ikonika’s trademark production traits are stronger than ever on Distractions; her bright, clear synths, ear for sharp micro-detail and emotional, often exuberant melody are all present and highly enjoyable. However Distractions distils the character of Ikonika’s music productions across a wider set of styles than previous albums, and she subtly fuses and switches elements from contrasting genres, giving the whole set a uniqueness and consistency that puts it in it’s own lane.

Furthermore what sits at the centre of Distractions more than ever is her love of R and B and hip hop, in all it’s forms, which has opened the door to bring in a selection of guests in a way she’s not fully explored before. From the full throttle blend of grime and 80’s synth soul Noblest with Andrea Galaxy, to the reflective Sacrifice with up and coming MC Jammz, a slowjam that merges dubstep with hip house drums. The final vocal track is the languid Hazefield co-produced with Sweyn Jupiter and featuring Jessy Lanza on vocals. It’s mix of mechanic clunk and minimalist, lulling funk could only happen in 2017.

The cover sleeve takes its inspiration from West London’s Golden Mile road, a stretch of road with where the A4 meets the M4, and the road takes on the character of the arcade game Poll Position, with art deco factories and illuminated, hi-tech signage selling lifestyle products. It’s this kind of mix of futuristic and industrious with a touch of gentle glamour, that the album exudes.

Ikonika: Distractions

Girlfriend Ikonika
Noblest (feat. Andrea Galaxy) Ikonika
Manual Decapitation Ikonika
Lear Ikonika
BGM Ikonika
435 Ikonika
Do I Watch It Like a Cricket Match? Ikonika
Sacrifice (feat. Jammz) Ikonika
Love Games Ikonika
Lossy Ikonika
Not Actual Gameplay Ikonika
Not Ikonika
Hazefield (feat. Sweyn J & Jessy Lanza) Ikonika

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