In Aeternam Vale

Machine À Laver

Minimal Wave MW049
  • 12”: 160 gr. clear electric blue vinyl. Ltd. pressing of 999 numbered copies.
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Third 12” single from French Minimal Wave's favorite, In Aeternam Vale. This one is in the same vein as the Dust Under Brightness / Highway Dark Veins 12” and the La Piscine / Calling Somewhere 12”. The single features two more epic, pioneering masterpieces. Machine à Laver (Washing Machine) sounding much like its title, is 12 minutes of pure electronic hypnotica. And the flip side is a more straightforward 127 bpm 11 minute number entitled Ultrabase – which is an unashamed slab of innovative dub techno from 1990, existing completely outside of its genre. Neither of these tracks have ever been released before.

In Aeternam Vale: Machine À Laver

Machine A Laver In Aeternam Vale
Ultrabase In Aeternam Vale

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