James K


Dial Dial 035 LP
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James K is Jamie Krasner, an artists from NYC. As Jamie K she brings together ethereal vocals (think early Grimes, think Maria Minerva), personal lyrics, hazy electronics & processed samples. Although this recordings pretend to be pop music, James K is not interested in the rules of songwriting at all. So don't expect songs that instantly stick in your head, but expect a dreamlike, slightly unreal but highly affecting record. Pet is co-release between Dial, 1080p & She Rocks.

James K: Pet

Bow James K
Drunktrack James K
Sokit To Me Baby James K
Jellisy James K
Rihanna James K
Luv Me Too James K
R.I.P. James K
Nova James K
Wetstone James K
Blu James K
Paranormal James K

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