Jan Roth


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The leisurely other. Jan Roth primarily was the other one, playing the drums stunningly next to Tim Neuhaus at stunning live concerts of Hundreds. But once more it's worth to listen closely and keep an eye on the winding bypaths of musical circles of friends. Particularly if this way such a beautiful treasure like the solo album of this friendly man, plainly titled "L.O.W.", is found.

Jan Roth is never tired. Next to Hundreds the skilled drummer plays on the records of Clueso or Max Prosa, helps countless Jazz bands in the studio and on stage or krauts in sundry Postrock bands. Still at the same time he luckily doesn't lose his fascination for the simple form, for the beauty in the essentials: In an unexpected break, that would have put him at rest, Jan Roth lives out his love for the piano - the slightly different percussion instrument; now and then records some sketches, experiments a bit and gives the songs room to develop. Apart from that he likes to sit in front of the house in the sunshine, takes things as they come and watches the world. The result of this dreamy idleness are eight slightly quirky, likeably eccentric pieces on this album.

From the greatly rising promise of the opener until the soft, lightly mournful finish "L.O.W." carries a cinematic jewel, which worships the joy for details with pseudo-electronic littlenesses and in all its ups and downs, warmth and quiet confidence is above all one thing: a small declaration of love to the sunny side of melancholy.

Jan Roth: L.O.W.

Glühwürmchen Jan Roth 3'07''
Einundzwanzig Jan Roth 5'14''
Rastlos Jan Roth 4'37''
Siebzehn Jan Roth 5'00''
Kleine Freiheit Jan Roth 3'37''
Achtzehn Jan Roth 5'58''
Rinnsal Jan Roth 5'40''
Regen Jan Roth 6'04''

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