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After nearly a year of preparation Experimedia presents "Fabrik" the 4th album by Denmark's Jannick Schou following his 2011 album on the label "The Act of Shimmering". Like his 2013 self released EP "Fasjil", "Fabrik" sees Schou further fold his powerful ambient sound into deep & heavy techno territories.

"Danish dronemaker Jannick Schou is well-regarded for his ambient work, so it's intriguing to hear him explore another side of the hypnotic with the slowed-down funeral techno of "Fabrik." Built around motorik drum programming and meticulously backmasked samples, Schou washes his synths out with filters that wouldn't sound out of place in the Basic Channel back catalogue, flanked by desiccated handclaps and metallic triplet scuffs. A gothic synth and a forlorn chanter carry the melody, getting chopped up and delayed with slow motion precision. What follows are sibilant drones before leftover sounds of industry draw the party to a close." - Lance Higdon, AdHoc.fm

Jannick Schou: Fabrik

Sabelkat Jannick Schou
Veldt Jannick Schou
Transmission Jannick Schou
Fabrik Jannick Schou
Pansermusling Jannick Schou
Kollaps Jannick Schou
Skov I Jannick Schou
Skov II Jannick Schou

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