Joachim Nordwall

The Ideal Black

Ideal Recordings IDEAL151LP
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Oblique, intense and spirit-gnawing electro-acoustic exercises from The Skull Defekts founder / Ideal head honcho Joachim Nordwall, presenting a brilliantly stark album of direct and gnarly Machine energy that comes highly recommended if you’re into anything from Pan Sonic to Alessandro Cortini, Deathprod or Emptyset.

Working with a bunch of tone generators fed thru a massive wall of amps at Elementstudion in Gothenburg, Nordwall isolates and fearlessly homes in on the recording space’s resonant frequencies until you can physically feel the room grinding, whining and shuddering in the kind of spasms that arch the spine and set your back teeth on edge. And he does it relentlessly for the whole record.

The only steady variable in this elemental organism is the sense of rhythm; a metric, pulsing heave that keeps each piece’s tangibly immense weight pushing forward from the crack’d slap of a drum that pins The Ideal Black into place, to the quasi-step lurch of Great Mind of Fire, thru the Alessandro Cortini-Like impulse of Extreme Solutionfor a Simple Problem to the palsied, cog-ground rattle of System For Psychic Expansion and Black Out at its nether limits.

In the rarest way, thanks to Joachim’s direct approach, the mixing of Linus Andersson, and Heba Kadry’s master at Timeless Mastering, Bushwick, The Ideal Black is about as close as you’ll hear to a 1-to-1 representation of pure, crushing tonal terror. A character-building exercise strongly tipped if you like the biting point sounds of: Kevin Drumm, Alessandro Cortini, Emptyset, Gottfried Michael Koenig.

Joachim Nordwall: The Ideal Black

The Ideal Black Joachim Nordwall
Great Mind Of Fire Joachim Nordwall
Extreme Solution For A Simple Problem Joachim Nordwall
System For Psychic Expansion Joachim Nordwall
Black Out Joachim Nordwall

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