John Carpenter

Lost Themes Remixed

Sacred Bones Records SBR139LP
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Eight pivotal contemporary electronic artists were moved to reshape the original songs on Lost Themes in tribute to one the genre’s great pioneers. Several of the remixes were released as part of the digital deluxe edition of the album, but Lost Themes Remixed marks the first time any of the tracks have been on vinyl.

Label alumna Zola Jesus remixed “Night” with producer Dean Hurley, and the result nods to her lo-fi Stridulum-era work. Silent Servant, the Los Angeles minimal techno mastermind, delivers a pulsing rework of “Vortex.” J.G. Thirlwell of Foetus’ baroque reimagining of “Abyss” is in line with the modern classical scores for which he has become known. ohGr of industrial pioneers Skinny Puppy delivers a track on par with the best of that band’s mid-’80s prime. Bill Kouligas (PAN Records) offers a deconstructed take on "Fallen."

Dominick Fernow (Prurient, Vatican Shadow, Hospital Productions) had this to say about his remix of “Purgatory”: “John Carpenter is the master of sustained tension with electronic music. The fine line between stasis and energy is almost impossible to define but Carpenter consistently achieves this paradox with Spartan means.”

Ben Greenberg, the Uniform multi-instrumentalist and producer, concurred: “There's a true minimalism at work in his music, but it's a means, not an end. It's simple, but synthetic, so there's very little going on, but it's very distinctive and unsettling."

John Carpenter: Lost Themes Remixed

Purgatory (Prurient Remix) John Carpenter
Night (Zola Jesus & Dean Hurley Remix) John Carpenter
Wraith (ohGr Remix) John Carpenter
Vortex (Silent Servant Remix) John Carpenter
Vortex (Uniform Remix) John Carpenter
Fallen (Blanck Mass Remix) John Carpenter
Abyss (JG Thirlwell Remix) John Carpenter
Fallen (Bill Kouligas Remix) John Carpenter

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