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John Matthias is a musician, composer and physicist. In 2008, he won the PRS Foundation New Music Award (The 'Turner Prize' for music) with Jane Grant and Nick Ryan for the development of a huge sonic installation across the UK entitled 'The Fragmented Orchestra'.
Also known for this collaborations with Radiohead, Matthew Herbert and Coldcut, Mattias combines ambient, post classical pieces with heartfelt folk songs for his third studio album.
His new album ‘Geisterfahrer’ is made up of thirteen stunning tracks that were recorded in two sessions with John Matthias performing on piano, violin and guitar, with all of his vocal performances being recorded live alongside the guitar parts.
For fans of Nico Muhly, Max Richter, Sam Amidon and Arvo Pärt.

John Matthias: Geisterfahrer

Geisterfahrer John Matthias 2'21''
Pre-Loved / Vintage John Matthias 4'31''
Spreadsheet Blues John Matthias 3'39''
Black- Bank Road John Matthias 3'29''
Close-Knit John Matthias 3'37''
Jackie Bouvier John Matthias 3'02''
Climbing Walls John Matthias 3'47''
Birdsong John Matthias 4'32''
Rotate John Matthias 2'22''
Cross My Mind John Matthias 2'27''
Burning Mouth John Matthias 2'45''
Stolen Guitar John Matthias 1'52''
Burke And Wills John Matthias 3'01''

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