John Stuart Mill

Forget Everything

Scioto SCIO 011
  • LP: Includes download
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First time ever on LP. In 1997, JOHN SCHMERSAL (CARIBOU, VERTICAL SCRATCHERS, ENON, BRAINIAC) found himself without a band. Brainiac had broken up following the tragic death of frontman Tim Taylor, so he recorded a solo album on a 4-track machine at an old Masonic Temple in Kentucky.

Released in 1999 on CD by SeeThru Broadcasting under the pseudonym JOHN STUART MILL, the title, Forget Everything was an homage to Brainiac song of the same name. Shortly after its release, Schmersal went on to form Enon, releasing a series of acclaimed records that blend pop melody and electronic art rock. Largely ignored at the time, Forget Everything now stands as the missing link between Brainiac and Enon.

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