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Olli Aarni has slowly come out of the cold wilderness as a young and promising artist whose music seems to want to envelop your every being, like a warm, tape saturated hug. This Finland based artist closest analog is a sonic glacier whose pacing is almost beyond our perception, but whose beauty is almost overwhelming. And if Olli’s track is a glacier, Josh Mason is a morning fog, slowly dissipating on a crisp spring day. Its barely there, the mist, filtering guitar swells like rays of sunlight. A distant drone like a large body of water just over the horizon. But there will be time for that later, for now you exist in Mason’s sound world.
Kikimora Tapes Jaws O Life Kikimora Tapes
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Jemh Circs Jemh Circs Cellule 75
LP: €12,74 €16,99
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Mr. Mitch Paralell Memories Planet Mu
2LP: €21,99
CD: €11,99 €15,99
Wanda Group Central Heating Opal Tapes
LP: €14,24 €18,99
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